Dummies are used to teach a hunting dog proper retrieving  without having to practice directly with game, therefore especially hunting related tasks are asked for.

Meanwhile it's a sport many retriever owners exercise, especially if they do not want to go hunting, but still want to train their dog in his element. The Retriever is primarily a expert in retrieving. The test are so called Working Tests.

A dummy is a burlap sack filled with different weights. The standard dummy  weighs 500g and the classic color is green.

The following tasks belong to a dummy training, there are no limitations for putting these tasks together.

When the dog sees the dummy flying and falling, he has to remember the place where it lies. He marks it. Then the dog is allowed to get the mark on command.

In this case the dog did not see where the dummy fell, the handler knows where the dummy is and must be able to send the dog in a straight line to retrieve it.

Handler and dog  both don´t know where the dummy is. The dog is trained to search in a specific area without his handler.

These exercises can be used individually or in combination.
For example: a mark falls (mark), then the team rotates 90 degrees to the right and has to retrieve a dummy in a straight line (directions), and then the team rotates back and the dog has to retrieve the mark.

This sport demands absolute obedience in ever changing terrain. The dog must be able to work both independently (high-lost) and consistent with its handler.


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