Dt. Ob. Ch. Mic Mac Hunter´s Hythavwii




Name: Thavwii
Born on: 23rd January, 2011
Height: 52 cm

Weight: 17 kg

Hip-score: B1/B1

Ellbow: free/free

PRA: clear

CEA: carrier

Eyes: without findings (4.11.15)

JADD: Probable Normal

DEN: Normal/Clear

Breeder: Walkemeyer, GER


Breed approval thru the German Retriever Club (DRC) since 18.11.2015


  • JP/R (German Youth Hunting Test for Retrievers)
  • BHP (German Companion Dog Test)
  • Lydnad I SWE Obedience Competition - Obedience Toller of the Year 2012
  • Obedience Beginnerclass VDH - Pfalzmeister 2012
  • FCI Class 1 Obedience - Kreismeister 2013
  • Lydnad II SWE Obedience Competition
  • FCI Class 2 Obedience - Pfalzmeister 2013
  • FCI Class 3 Obedience - Vizekreismeister 2014
  • Working Tests in Beginnerclass
  • German Obedience Champion - VDH


Click here for pictures of Hythavwii`s development.

Breeding Authorization Test: Very Good

Judge: Assenmacher-Feyel
Good Size. Only little skull width, bright eyes, pink nose, very good ears, expressive. Very good body with correct lines and angulation. Moves good. White on all paws, on the chest, on the stomach and a little spot on the head.
Height: 51cm

We are Family!

Ville (Papa), Hiigqqs, Hythavwii, Hettdyii, Lille (Mama)
Ville (Papa), Hiigqqs, Hythavwii, Hettdyii, Lille (Mama)