Mic Mac Hunter´s Hythavwii

Hythavwii is my little sunshine, always happy and ready for action.  In everyday life he is an uncomplicated companion, who adapts very quick to different situations. He does not need other dogs, but has his friends which whom he runs up and down. The same goes for people, strangers are ignored and friends are greeted enthusiastically. Much to my delight Thavwii is a very mobile dog and from jogging, to biking and rollerblading he will do everything with you. He only needs one person and for him he will do everything.

Our main focus lies on Obedience and I am very happy that Thavwii shares my passion for this sport. He has been trained slowly and carefully for this sport since his arrival. So far this has payed off and our passion is still burning. He excels in Obedience through his visible work pleasure, his focus and his speed. I could not have asked for a better partner and I am looking forward to our further experience in this sport. Very quick we had the qualifications to compete in the highest class and are know just trying to keep up the fun. Here you can find a list of all our competitions so far.

If Hythavwii were allowed to choose a sport for himself, he would pick Dummy for sure. Here he can show all of his strengths. Here he is allowed to show his independence. While working he shows a lot of finder will and never comes back empty. In Dummy he excels through his nose work and his retentivity. He is the perfect combination of an eye, emotion and action dog. His weakness is probably his swim style, in our region we do not really have water to practice it. Up to now we have not really shown a lot in this sport, but Thavwii is still young and we still have years to come up for it.