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Clubshow 2012
Clubshow 2012

Gundog Class

07.08.2016 Tollarspecialen 2016 Forsvik Sweden - Inofficial Show

Judge: T. Johansson (SWE)


Report: Should be more masculine. Correct bite, eyes, earset. Strong neck, back. Needs more substance, lovely feet.

Enough angulated, correct tailset, ok coat, lovely pigment. Moves sound and easily. Lovely temper.

16.11.2013 DRC Clubshow Kassel

Judge: D. Baldwin (USA)


Report: Not enough substance of body, nice head piece, good topline, nice bone, tail curled over to high.

Very Good

04.08.2013 Tollarspecialen 2013 Höör Sweden - Inofficial Show

Judge: J. Herngren (SWE)



2 1/2 year old with good proportions, nice head and expression, straight upperarm, good back and croup, good angulation in the rear, short coat, good movement from behind should be stronger in the front.


29.06.2013 DRC Spezial-Rassehundeausstellung Aichach

Judge: B. Ting (D)


A lighter, 2 1/2 year old very attentive good presented dog, not in his best coat today, good topline, angles especially front could be more destinctive, moves just like in obedience training.

Very Good (3. Prize)


Intermediate Class

24.11.2012 DRC Clubshow Kassel

Judge: Y. Jaussi (CH)


Petite slightly feminine 22 month old male dog, typical head, attentive expression, correct neck length, correct shoulder position, very high-angled upperarm, loose ellbows, firm upper line, correct postion of the tail and correct holding of tail, wished for more drive in movement. Good presentation.

Very Good (2. Prize)


Youth Class

12.08.2012 Tollarspecialen 2012 Öland Sweden - Inofficial Show

Judge: L. Rollmar (SWE)



Nice dog. Needs more time to develop brisket. Nice expression and topline. Straight upperarm. Good bone, back and angulation. Nice movements in profile, crossing in his front paws in movement. Nice temperament. Fur needs to develop.

03.12.2012 DRC Clubschau Kassel 

Judge: G. Werner (GER)



Typical light male dog, with a log of charm, attractive head, firm back, correct tail position, good closed paws, chest needs time to develop, little short upper arm, good drive in movement.

Very Good


Junior Class

17.09.2011 Spezial-Rassehunde- Ausstellung Winnenden

Judge: F. Flügel (CH)



Harmonic built male dog, 7 months old, good type, attractive head, good neck and back, tail set a little low, correct angulation, moves fluently with good drive.

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